DIY x Clothing Rack

7th Jan 2015

Need a bedroom makeover? Or need more storage space for your clothes? We have the answer... and a tutorial!

For this DIY Tutorial we will be showing you how to build an industrial style clothing rack. The best part about this clothing rack is that it is pretty, affordable, and completely customizable.

The materials used in this tutorial are black steel pipes and your bare hands. That's it!

Here's a break down of the black steel pipe parts needed:

1. Three - 1/2" x 48" nipples

2. Four - 1/2" 90º elbows

3. Four - 1/2" x 8" nipples

4. Two - 1/2" x 3" nipples

5. Four - 1/2" Tees

6. Four - 1/2" x 2 1/2" nipples

7. Two - 1/2" caps

8. Four - 1/2" Floor Flanges

The parts range from $1 - $10 and can be found at most hardware stores. We spent a total of about $80.

To make the clothing rack thicker, use 3/4" pipes instead of 1/2" pipes. Make adjustments to the height or length of the clothing rack by substituting the pipes from group 1 for different length pipes.

Step 1. Assemble the Base
First, we will be making two base pieces. For each base, we will be using two floor flanges, two 1/2" x 2 1/2" nipples, two 90º elbows, two 1/2" x 8" nipples, & one 1/2" tee. Attach the pieces together by simply screwing the pieces together. The tricky part is to get all the joints to perfectly align. Using a wrench can help, but is not necessary.

Step 2. Attach the Sides of the Rack
Attach one 1/2" x 48" nipple for each base that we created in the previous step.

Step 3. Assemble the Top of the Rack
For the top of the rack, we decided that we wanted to have an extra bar hanging off the ends to hang things such as handbags, scarves, belts, etc. This extra bar can be totally left off. To do that, replace the 1/2" tee for a 1/2" 90º elbow and attach the top bar directly to the side bars. This will create a clothing rack that is rounded at the top. However, for this tutorial, we will be screwing together a 1/2" tee, 1/2" x 3" nipple, & 1/2" cap to each end of the top bar.

4. Complete the Clothing Rack
So at this point, we have essentially created 3 pieces of the clothing rack (2 leg/base & 1 top bar). Attach each leg to the top bar by laying the top bar on the ground with the tee facing upwards. Turn the top of the leg pieces upside down and screw it into the top bar. Make sure to tighten the joints for a really sturdy clothing rack.

5. Clean the Clothing Rack

These black steel pipes will probably leave your hands extremely dirty!! Wipe the clothing rack down real well to keep your clothes clean.

TIP: If you want a clothing rack that is not stationary like the one in this tutorial, a great idea is to attach the floor flanges to a piece of wood and attach wheels to the bottom!

And TA-DA! The clothing rack is complete. Place the rack in virtually any space, hang up your best pieces, and it'll look amazing.