DIY X Vintage High-Waisted Cut Offs

29th Aug 2015

Vintage, high-waisted cut off shorts are definitely a wardrobe staple. And luckily for everyone, it does not have to cost a fortune. In this tutorial, we will show you how to make your own vintage shorts in a few easy steps!

First things, first! Find the perfect pair of vintage denim. We found these pairs of Levi's at a local thrift store for about $3 dollars each. If there is a Salvation Army or Savers nearby, you can test your luck there. (TIP: The best way to find a pair of high-waisted jeans is to scan the racks for the lighter washes).

Depending on the length of your torso, a rise of 10.5" - 11" will usually sit comfortably around the natural waist. If you don't want high-waisted shorts, go for a pair of denim with a shorter rise and follow this tutorial.

Flip the jeans inside out. This will help, especially if the jeans have long pockets like the ones shown above.

One of the most important steps is figuring out how you want to cut your shorts. We recommend using an existing pair of shorts that you find most flattering as a guide. In this example, we used a pair of shorts available on the shop (Found here).

Line the seams of the crotch up. Don't worry if the front and back waistbands do not match up. Draw a line where you are going to cut the jeans. Using chalk would work best. However, you can also use a pen like we did since the shorts are inside out. We marked the line about an inch longer than we intend for the shorts to be. You want to leave room in case you make a mistake or if you want to cuff the hem.

Cut straight through the front and the back of the leg where you had the line marked. Be careful not to cut through the pockets! Then repeat on the other side.

Flip the shorts back and try it on. You may have noticed that the pair of shorts above has an inseam that is a little long. From there, you can make small adjustments such as making it a bit shorter, fraying the edges, or cuffing the hem. (TIP: Throwing the shorts in the washer can help the edges fray).

We decided to do an effortless double-cuff to the hem and had a little peekaboo pockets action. Now you have a super cute and one-of-a-kind pair of vintage, high-waisted cut-off shorts. Enjoy!